About us

About us

In Pakistan, buying jewellery is a tradition and always resonates with the most important things & moments in life, like celebrating love, weddings, and so on. You can tell a lot about a person from what's inside their jewellery box. Will you find classic pieces? Or is it full of statement one-of-a-kind finds? Just like our wardrobes, our jewellery collections give a huge insight into the type of person we are and how we express ourselves through style. Perhaps the pieces have a history as a family heirloom or a story of where the piece was bought, perhaps as a present or an impulsive buy whilst traveling. No matter what your aesthetic is, whether it's more statement than simplistic, ShehNoor has got you sorted! 

Bridging the gap between fine and fashion jewellery, my passion for colour, opulence & rich traditions dictates my collections. The jewellery can be stacked, personalised and worn every day, because the pieces oscillate from the very bold to the delicately minimalistic.

For me, this started as a passion project from scratch, creating fun and inventive pieces inspired by the world around me. I named my brainchild after both my grandmothers, my dadi Shehnaz and nani Rehmat Noor, and my brand aesthetic is heavily inspired by their style. 

It hasn’t always been easy, the amount of work that goes into building a brand singlehandedly, and that too in the midst of a pandemic, is staggering. There is immense love, effort and care weaved behind each piece, each post and each story ShehNoor brings to you.

‘ShehNoor showcases a gorgeous combination of artistic jewellery and beautiful photography that does justice to the featured pieces. It makes for an aesthetically pleasing experience to even just browse the page, and get lost in the stunning designs housed in a well-curated Instagram feed; a feast for the eyes and intricate pieces you want to keep forever!’